4 Tips to Laying Out Your Loft!

Congratulations on your new loft apartment at Atlas Lofts!

The open and airy feeling of a loft style apartment can sometimes lead to creative road blocks in laying out your furniture. You should look at laying out your loft’s furniture and accessories as a way to be unique in your approach. Below are some tips as you plan and execute the process:

1. Sketch It Out
With any sort of design or layout project, you should enter the task with a general idea of what you’re trying to execute. Since furniture is heavy, you should start with rough sketches of where things are going to be placed. Rearranging your ideas on paper is far less work than rearranging actual items in the space. It’ll also make the process move quickly when you get around to bringing the real furniture in.

2. Create Functional Spaces
With the absence of walls comes the absence of clearly defined spaces. Lofts gives you options as to how you want to make the most of your space. The best way to begin laying out your furniture for a cohesive, yet naturally divided, look is to find ways to segment the furniture into area groupings. Angle the sofa and chairs so that a living area forms at one side of the room. The television, stereo and other entertainment appliances should always sit close to the wall—placing them near the center of the room will look tacky with all of the cords sticking out in plain sight. On the other side of the room several feet from the back of the angled sofa is a good place to create a dining space.

3. Make Use of Rugs
Rugs are great for bringing all elements of a room together and unifying the furniture. You can think of a rug as an anchor. Set it underneath a coffee table and surround it with a sofa and chair and you have a cohesive living space. Same goes for a dining space. Place the rug directly under the table and it clearly defines the area. Rugs make it easier to see collections of furniture as belonging to a particular set within a space.

4. Use Barriers
A common way to create distinct spaces within a loft-style apartment is to create wall barriers. Folding screens are very popular. Even if they don’t completely block one functional space from the next, the presence of a screen makes it clear that there is a distinction. Another popular barrier is a hanging curtain. Draping some fabric down from the ceiling to form a wall between the bedroom space and the living space adds visual interest and also serves as a functional way to block off the space where you sleep. This will come in handy if you have company!

Happy Decorating!

-source: paraphrased from ohmyapt.com. Author credit: Rachael Weiner

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