Interior Design Tips: How to Use Colors to Create a Mood

There are a number of color design tips to keep in mind when creating a certain mood or ambiance for your new loft apartment. As a result, your color scheme as well as the type of décor you choose for your apartment will contribute to your selection of colors and the mood you’ll ultimately create.

Warm Colors Create an Inviting Mood
Warm colors then are those colors that include such colors as red-orange, red-violet and yellow-green in their range of hues. These colors are best suited to large spaces as they make an area feel more inviting and cozy. Warm colors are often used in interior design styles such as Gothic, Medieval, Tudor, Victorian, and Georgian decors.

Cool and Neutral Colors Open up a Space
Cool colors are often made up of blue tones and include pure shades of green and violet while neutrals include beige and white hues.  Cool and neutral colors are often preferred in apartment decors as they open up small spaces and make them feel more spacious yet still give them a subdued and peaceful feel. Cool colors and neutrals work well in Vintage, Country French, Shabby Chic and Modern decors.

Maintaining a Relaxed Atmosphere
The mood you create from the colors you select then is primarily reliant on your color scheme. For example a monochromatic color scheme is comprised of one color which incorporates the tints and shades of the same color to create the mood. Because it’s so simple and works exceptionally well in small settings, it’s a superior scheme to choose when decorating an apartment. Use it to create a more relaxed setting by employing blue pastels or neutral shades of beige to open up your space and give it a tranquil feel.

Adding Drama
To create more drama, use a contrasting color scheme or colors such as blue and orange or red and green.  Use one color as the primary color and the coordinating color as your accent.  Add allure to your apartment by using warm colors for the palette or refine the look by using tints of the colors you select.

Whether you choose to add a sense of flair or create a serene setting, color plays a principal role in establishing the right mood for your apartment.  Keep the foregoing tips in mind and you’ll create the type of ambiance that will match with your own personal sense of style and taste as well as add to the aesthetics of your environment.

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