Use Your Loft Apartment to Unlock the 3 Keys to Happiness

Keep Your Home Clean and Declutter it Frequently: Find a simple cleaning routine you can do and do it consistently so it’s always just a few moments away from being clean. Toss the stuff that doesn’t support your life and the things you love to do. An apartment that’s clean and decluttered will make you feel good. And if you feel good about your clean, “company ready” apartment, it’s likely that you’ll want to have people over more often.

Have People Over Often: It turns out that having strong relationships is the one of the biggest indicators of a happy life. Getting together with friends just twice a month in your home has a greater effect on your happiness than doubling your income. While you may not want or be the type to have a big bash every month (or even every few months), knowing that you can invite someone over for a meal or even just invite them in for a moment and not apologize for the state of your house, goes a long way towards feeling happy. Or, feel free to invite your friends to Atlas’ resident events!

Change It Up: Variety, surprise and novelty are components of the third key to happiness. While most of us can’t afford to redo our homes every time we get bored or grumpy, little changes are just as effective as big ones. So, move your sofas around, bring in a new pillow, roll up your rugs for the summer or just bring in some colorful flowers!

source: You can read the full article here.

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3 Easy Green Tips

Say No to Junk Mail
Nearly 100 million trees’ worth are sent out each year. Visit to opt out of the Direct Marketing Association’s member mailings.

Get a Green Shower Curtain
And get rid of the one that’s green from mold! Go natural with a hemp or organic cotton shower curtain paired with a nylon liner. It’s healthier than a PVC-coated curtain (PVC offgases potential hormone disruptors) and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy mold-preventing cleanup.

Kick the Bottled Water Habit
Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour – but only 1 in 4 is recycled. Instead of reaching for bottled water, use a water filter and fill up a non-leaching, lined aluminum bottle with filtered tap water.

-multiple sources: greenlivingapartments &

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Add some green!

Add some green!

Houseplants can really brighten up a room (and your mood). Cacti are about the easiest plants in the world to care for, and most of them are inexpensive. If you’re not a cactus fan, consider a spider plant or “lucky bamboo” (which can be grown in water and isn’t really bamboo at all).

Read more here: How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget |

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Energy Saving Tip of the Day – UNPLUG IT!


Common sense tells us to shut things off when they are not being used. Although a lamp may be turned off, if it is plugged in, it is still emitting unused energy. If you have certain items in your apartment that you don’t use on a daily basis, unplug them. If you’re going on vacation, unplug them. On a side note, there are a few companies that have introduced eco-friendly power strips that allow you to kill idle electric currents.

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*New, Lowered Prices* ~ WE ARE SELLING OUR MODEL APARTMENT’S FURNITURE! West Elm, Ikea & More. SPECIAL PRICING! Check it out.


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    Purchase Price  Sale Price  
§  1 large W.Elm Mirror     $365 $50  
§  2 end tables W. Elm   $420 $75 for pair  
§  3 orange stools, Ikea     $33 $25 for all  
§  1 round orange and glass lamp   $20 $5  
§  2 lime lacquer “C” end tables, CB2 $415 $60 for pair  
§  8 x 10 CB2 wool white and lime carpet $640 $100  
§ 4 orange leather and chrome chairs, CB2   $560 $100 for set  
 § 1 bamboo woven chair(Ikea)         $65   $15  

Please inquire with the management office at Atlas Lofts. 617-884-7271 or email  First come, first serve! Non-negotiable prices.  Anyone (resident and non-resident) interested may purchase these items.

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