Summer Redecorating & Color Inspiration

Summer is a fun time to redecorate!  But how do you choose colors?  How do you even know what colors you like?  Inspiration is all around: from the moment you walk outside in the morning you’re overtaken by visions of beauty, both in nature and in man-made objects. So, sit up and pay attention to that beautiful tulip plant making its splash in a garden or perhaps think about coloring your living room with the hues from that skirt you’ve been coveting in your favorite shop’s window.

Here are a few tips we stumbled upon:

1.) Flower bouquets are a wonderful place to seek compatible color combinations.

2.) If you have a piece of artwork in your home that you absolutely love, you’ll likely want to create a space where it easily hangs to exhibit its inherent beauty. Take the cue from your art and design your room’s color palette around it.

3.) Have you been hanging onto an object, like a beautifully glazed bowl or even magnets, for years? Do you daydream when you think of that object or tack something new onto the refrigerator? If so, consider using its palette for color inspiration!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

-source:, copyright Landis Carey

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