*New, Lowered Prices* ~ WE ARE SELLING OUR MODEL APARTMENT’S FURNITURE! West Elm, Ikea & More. SPECIAL PRICING! Check it out.


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    Purchase Price  Sale Price  
§  1 large W.Elm Mirror     $365 $50  
§  2 end tables W. Elm   $420 $75 for pair  
§  3 orange stools, Ikea     $33 $25 for all  
§  1 round orange and glass lamp   $20 $5  
§  2 lime lacquer “C” end tables, CB2 $415 $60 for pair  
§  8 x 10 CB2 wool white and lime carpet $640 $100  
§ 4 orange leather and chrome chairs, CB2   $560 $100 for set  
 § 1 bamboo woven chair(Ikea)         $65   $15  

Please inquire with the management office at Atlas Lofts. 617-884-7271 or email julia@atlas-lofts.com.  First come, first serve! Non-negotiable prices.  Anyone (resident and non-resident) interested may purchase these items.

Click here to view the items.


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