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43% of America’s carbon emissions comes from the operation of buildings and this doesn’t include the carbon that is generated by extracting, manufacturing, and transporting building materials. Any solution to climate change must include being wiser about how we design and use our buildings.


Atlas Lofts is part of the solution…

  • Adaptive Reuse: Atlas Lofts represents the embodied energy of over 7 million gallons of gasoline. [meaning that’s what we’re saving reusing the building rather than knocking it down and building a new building of equal size]. If demolished and rebuilt, it would create 4,442 tons of debris (it would take 1 person on average 5,292 years to create that much waste).
  • Walkable Neighborhoods: Rated as “very walkable”, Atlas Lofts is located within short walking distance of shops and restaurants along Broadway, the Haymarket Express Bus to downtown Boston, and the Commuter Rail to North Station. Residents are able to easily walk, bike, or ride to all major destinations and will not need to rely on a car.
  • Native Vegetation: The new landscape at Atlas Lofts is well adapted to the climate and provides excellent erosion, sediment, dust, and pollution control.
  • Water Conserving Fixtures & Appliances: Showers and faucets account for approximately 25% of indoor water use; toilets approximately 20%. Atlas features water conserving faucets, toilets, and appliances that will save in excess of 4,929,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Compact Development: Atlas Lofts encourages more resource efficient development of land and the conservation of energy.
  • Efficient Lighting: Atlas Lofts utilizes lighting that consumes 2/3 less energy and lasts 10 times longer than conventional fixtures.
  • Solar Ready: Atlas’ roof has been designed with solar in mind, and we are currently pursuing solar solutions that would provide all of the common area electricity for the building.
  • Low/No VOC Paint & Sealants: Atlas Lofts did not use interior paints, primers, or sealants that release volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that may pose health hazards to residents.
  • Ventilation: new, efficient mechanical systems provide adequate fresh air in order to improve interior air quality.
  • Healthy Flooring Materials: with poured concrete, Atlas Lofts utilized flooring materials that cut down on allergens and other particulates that may pose a health risk to susceptible residents.
  • Smoke-free: Atlas Lofts does not allow smoking anywhere in the buildings, because second hand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death in the country.


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